Lisa Butterworth
Writer, Editor, Daydream Believer

Lisa Butterworth is a writer and editor covering food, fashion, pop culture, women’s issues, and all things awesome while soaking up the eternal sunshine in Los Angeles. You can find her words in Nylon (RIP), Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, Elle, PopSugar, Time OutKnit Wit, Vulture, The Cut, New York MagazineWomen’s Health, and Etsy among others. She’s one of the founding editors of Tidal magazine and writes introductory woo-woo and wellness books for Hachette Livre. When she’s not on the hunt for the latest and greatest in girl culture as the West Coast editor of BUST, she’s flea marketing, taco trucking, and generally raising a ruckus. She’d love to hear from you. (Photo by Julia Stotz)